Hotel with air conditioning and free parking located near the beaches of Piombino

Piombino and the Old Town, the Etruscan Coast and the Val di Cornia


Beach holidays in a hotel with air conditioning and parking in Piombino, on the splendid Etruscan Coast

On the top of a promontory with high coasts and clear sea, Piombino is a historic seaside village on the Etruscan Coast. The city's propensity for sea life derives both from its position, a few miles from the Island of Elba, and from its history. Piombino was in fact used as a strategic port on the Mediterranean already by the Etruscans and Romans. In its past, the city was also the capital of an independent state and as such was enriched with palaces, churches and monuments that are still on display in the historic center today. A pleasant walk along the seafront allows you to admire the ancient walls, the castle and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, in particular from the marvelous Piazza Bovio Elba is clearly visible. This incredible panorama offers unique emotions especially at sunset when the sun sinks into the sea, coloring the sky with a thousand different shades. Outside the city there are some small sandy and pebble beaches, very relaxing and peaceful even in the height of summer, ideal for a refreshing dip in the clear sea.

Elba island

Beach holidays in a hotel with air conditioning and parking in Piombino, on the splendid Etruscan Coast

The Island of Elba is the largest of the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. It is located a short distance from the coast, about 10 km from Piombino, and can be easily reached by ferry. Immersed in a natural environment of incredible beauty, with whales and dolphins swimming off its coasts, Elba is a real paradise for those who love being outdoors. The side of the island facing the mainland is known as the "Costa del Sole", due to the many small beaches with shallow water ideal for tanning. The other is called "Costa che Brilla" and is famous for the bright colors of the sea and the hills covered with vines. The winemaking tradition of Elba is very ancient and has deep roots in the territory. Production is possible above all thanks to the terraces created on the side of the hills overlooking the sea. At a glance, the vineyards offer unique emotions. In the center are the most populated towns and also the longest beaches. However, to visit the most hidden coves, the most pristine and authentic, it is necessary to rent a boat and reach them by sea.


Beach holidays in a hotel with air conditioning and parking in Piombino, on the splendid Etruscan Coast

A few kilometers from Piombino, overlooking the opposite bank of the promontory from the city, is the Gulf of Baratti. This location is the perfect mix of nature, history and culture. In fact, what is now a small inhabited center was once an important Etruscan port where the iron ore from the mines on the Island of Elba called. The beach of the gulf, characterized by a dark and fine sand, is still today covered with very small fragments of iron. When the sunlight hits them, these fragments shine, giving the beach a particular dreamlike atmosphere. The iron scraps left in the area of Baratti and its surroundings have also made it possible to preserve intact numerous Etruscan tombs and necropolises which had remained buried for centuries until their rediscovery at the beginning of the 20th century. Entering the pine forest that borders the beach, it is possible to access the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, a large green area with visit itineraries that lead to the discovery of the necropolis.


Beach holidays in a hotel with air conditioning and parking in Piombino, on the splendid Etruscan Coast

Perched on the top of the Piombino promontory, Populonia dominates the panorama of the Gulf of Baratti from above. A city of ancient Etruscan origin, allied with Rome and an important industrial center for iron working, Populonia fell into ruin starting from the 1st century BC. However, its glorious past has not vanished into thin air. In the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia there are numerous tombs, but also temples and monuments that bear witness to the fervent activity of the town. In the medieval old town a museum has instead been set up which collects many of the archaeological finds found at sea and in the nearby countryside. Mostly objects of daily use, amphorae and bas-reliefs. The current village dates back to the 15th century, a period in which this area was rediscovered and reused as a strategic base to defend the Tuscan coasts. The Fortress of Populonia was built precisely for this purpose: today from its top you can admire the islands of the archipelago, the beach of Baratti and the vast blue expanse of the sea.


Beach holidays in a hotel with air conditioning and parking in Piombino, on the splendid Etruscan Coast

Nestled in the center of the homonymous gulf, surrounded by nature, Follonica is one of the most renowned seaside resorts in the Maremma. It is just 20 km from Piombino and can be reached by car in a few minutes. Follonica overlooks a crystalline sea and boasts several sandy beaches equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. The beach covers the entire natural curve of the gulf and behind it there are thick pine forests and groves with plants typical of the Mediterranean vegetation. A short distance from the sea there is also a large nature reserve, the Macchia della Magona, crossed by paths suitable for trekking, mountain biking and horse riding. The gulf of Follonica is also the perfect environment for practicing water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing and diving. The seabed remains shallow up to several meters from the shore, allowing beginner divers to experience some dives. This is also an ideal situation for families with children who want to have fun in the water in complete safety.

Position of the Albergo Italia and map

The Albergo Italia welcomes its guests in the historic center of Piombino

Each room of the Hotel Italia is furnished in a classic style and equipped with everything necessary to ensure maximum comfort for guests. Very spacious and bright, the rooms are arranged over several floors served by a lift.

The hotel has free wi-fi connection throughout the building and reserved parking spaces.

Guests can also take advantage of the exclusive agreements between the hotel and the restaurants in the area for lunch and dinner.